Instagram in an instant, man!

(18:50HR GMT)

Hey guys! Well, I did it, I set up Instagram today. So I will be capturing many a good moment during 2014 and beyond straight from my phone. Here’s a pic of the office at home (where I am sitting right now) to start things off.

Today I also
confirmed some of the details for the February recording session with my buddy Rich, from Area18 studios. I’ll be digging out some cassette tapes of old sessions and tracks that I’ve put together over the years and converting them to Wav files so you can access them on my site.

Some of these date back to 1991 perhaps earlier.  I’m looking forward to this, It’ll be a great session –  thanks to all who have financed it !  I have some great ideas for the demo cover and merchandise to tie in with it. I may even start version one of the cover tonight, if I get time.

After the positive feedback for my Music site, I am now also really energised to put my other two sites together; (my Robotics site) and (My art site).  I’m really happy about the way things are developing!


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