21st January 2014 20:59 GMT

Welcome to my new blog, on my new web page!

Today I was due to go busking but ended up at home instead, so I thought it was about time to get my site sorted and free myself from being controlled by social media; instead, I am using it to my advantage by embedding it on a site that I have more control over!

So, exciting things are expected in 2014:

Firstly, on February 11th I will be recording my live set at Area18 studios in London! Thanks to all who donated to this session. if you would still like to donate to this and get your name in the PDF book that I will make and get a copy of the music, head to the main page and there is a donate button to click on.  Give me £20 or more and you’ll also be owed a free 2 hour gig for one of your private parties or events, or you could donate it as a gift to someone or some organisation of your choice (as long as I like what they do! plus you have to help me get to the gig). This is a great deal! keep your £20 donations coming =)

Secondly, I will be directing the 4th Cosmic Core Album ‘Trance From The Core
‘. This is set to be another stomper album. Please check our site www.Cosmic-Core.com and Facebook group. www.facebook.com/CosmicCore

That’s all for now. I will keep this blog up to date
, so please pass by whenever you feel like it!

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