Video From Cambridge Gig at d’Arry’s Wine Bar and Restaurant

I had a great time busking in Cambridge on Saturday. Due to a rota clash I played D’Arry’s wine bar first. half way through my set birthday boy Alistair Watson from Toque Tambor turned up to play some percussion, which was great! …and then even better Antony Carpen arrived to record us.

We later headed to Quayside and people really enjoyed the set there although that place is extremely busy and noisy, so much so the amp was cranked up full to compete! Mas Que Nada went down really well though as I could see everyone singing along. We met an Italian Bossa Flute player and his Brazilian girlfriend, Even on the train we met a couple of Brazilians heading to London (Luis, and didn’t get the name) who were sitting right next to us. There were quite a few cool meetings like that, which was the best bit of the weekend. I will try to get some gigs in Cambridge for September, as the music really went down well I think.

So here’s a video from D’Arry’s, which is a really chilled restaurant/bar. Alistair’s out of shot and I have too many pegs on display! (which I use to avoid breeze related reelbook malfuctions), but the video turned out okay! Enjoy!

Thanks to Ain’t Misbehavin’ for inviting me to this great event, and thanks to all the organisers for the work they put in. Until next year!

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