Belgium Beckons and London’s Lined up

Cambridge Closure
So…. I am recovered from a fantastic Friday and Saturday busking and playing a couple of gigs in Cambridge (UK), and that means it is time to prepare for my next adventure!

Liege, Belgium
Tomorrow I will take the Eurostar from London to Belgium, where I will head straight to Liege to meet Belgian Producer Lucky One, from the electronic Music project I direct, Cosmic Core. I can’t wait to finally meet him as, although our project started in 2012, we haven’t met in person yet. So we will be talking music and music software and drinking fine Belgian beer!

I have a gig in his home town on the 20th, at a great little Brazilian restaurant called Encontro Brasileiro. It will be great fun…but I think I am more excited about sampling the caipirinhas and eating the Brazilian food there….can’t wait!

Ghent, Belgium
Next stop will be Ghent, staying with another producer friend from Cosmic Core, Bram who goes by the name 9000 Knobs (due to his love of a multitude of assignable Music effects controllers). He, like Lucky One, is a wonderful producer , and is also a great animator , working on a new kid’s film called Hairry. he also did the title sequence on my website home page.

Historic Venue
I’m really looking forward to meeting Bram and playing a gig in de Croone cafĂ© which dates back to 1492 ! That’s the year Columbus set sail on his first voyage and the year of the reconquest of Spain …we are talking ancient! So, that’s got to be a fitting venue for some classy Bossa Nova 🙂

Brugge Busking?
I will also use Ghent as a base and head into Brugge for some Bossa Busking or even better a gig or two if I can sort it out. The last time I was in Brugge, was 2001, so I am looking forward to seeing it again and I hope this is the first of many musical trips to Belgium !   

UK Bank Holiday and Born To Bossa Volume II !
Once I get back to London, I’ll be doing something for the bank holiday 25th August and recording my second Born To Bossa album in Area 18 studios. I’ll hopefully be meeting an old friend who is over from Brasil, he was one of the people who inspired me to play Brazilian music on guitar.

Keep an eye on my facebook , website, twitter and instagram for daily updates during my trip.

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